Com S 100J Introduction to Computer Programming Grade: letter or S/U Spring 2005
655-085 TR 09:05 Kimball B11 Instructor: David Gries 4 credits
655-276 TR 11:15 Olin 255 Newsgroup: cornell.class.cs100j

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9 Mar Look here for exercises on developing loops for you!
17 Feb News of DrJava and the beta version
28 Jan Course management system
24 Jan Consulting


  • 17 Feb. DrJava and the Beta version. We know there are problems with DrJava, caused by the fact that a new Java system came out (1.5) and there is not yet a stable version of DrJava to work with it. Gries contacted Corky Cartright, professor at Rice who was responsible for DrJava --and who at one point many years ago was an assistant professor of CS at Cornell). Corky said the following:
  • We are frantically working on fixing the bugs in the beta version. The JUnit test problem is related to the fact that URL objects are treated inconsistently across platforms. We develop DrJava on Linux boxes so we missed seeing this problem in our developmental builds. I am hopeful that we will have a new beta that fixes this problem in a few days. ...

    We also have a few JDK 1.4 specific bugs (due to the fact that our development builds have been done in the context of JDK 1.5). There is annoying double backspace problem in 1.4 that can be worked around by changing the key binding for "delete_previous" to <none> (clearing the key binding) on 1.4 installations.

We (and Corky Cartwright) apologize for the problems everyone is having. But it is an inevitable part of changing systems and "keeping up with the times". Things will be better soon.

  • About the CMS (Course management system). Please look at this URL:
    It will ask for your cornell netid and password. After you have entered it, you should see on the right something like this:
    If CS100J appears under "Courses", click on it, and you are in the CMS. If it says “None”, then you are not yet enrolled in the CMS. In this case, email Stacey Shirk at and ask her to register you in the CMS for CS100J.

    Do assignment A1 alone. You may do assignment A2 with a partner --we suggest that you do. In the CMS, there is a way for you and your partner to forma GROUP. DO THAT WELL BEFORE YOU SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENT. You can have a different partner for each assignment.

  • Newsgroup. Click here to find out about the CS100j news group.

  • Making appointments with TAs. Check here for office hours of TAs and the instructor. You can make an apptmnt for a one-one-one session with any TA at the undergrad office (Upson 303) or by calling 255-0982 --24 hours in advance.

  • Please look at handout 0, which summarizes what we did in lecture each time!

  • 24 Jan. About consulting and TA hours.
    Engrg Lib Reading Rm: Su-Th 2:30-7pm, Fr & Sa 2:30-6pm
    RPCC lab (Rm 207): Su-Th 7-11pm

    Consultants for CS100 live in a corner of the newly remodeled Engineering Library in the basement of Carpenter Hall, where you may spend a good deal of time programming. They are there to answer your questions. If you need help downloading and setting up DrJava, if you have a misunderstanding on an assignment, if you are having trouble debugging a program —in all such matters, ask the consultants for a quick answer. However, they will not write your program for you. 
    The TAs have office hours. If you need some conceptual help of any kind, go the the TAs during their office hours. Choose any TA whose office hours are convenient for you, you don't have to limit yourself to your Section TA.
    TAs have a closed office hour and an open office hour. If you want time alone with a TA because you just don't understand or are falling behind, then arrange a closed session by calling 255-0982 or going to the undergrad office (Upson 303). If you just have a question, go see a TA; there may be other people there at the same time, and you can all hear each others questions/answers. The closed hours will act like open hours if no one has made an appointment.
    Please feel free to see Gries during his office hours --or any time that he is there. If he is not working frantically on someting that has a deadline, he will be happy to chat with you. He also looks at email and answers it often.