Administrative Policies

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Course Grade Computation

Course grades are a function of the scores that you receive on the programming assignments and the exams:

Programming Assignments


Prelim 1



Prelim 2



Prelim 3



Final Exam



The seven programming assignments are not equally weighted:  P1 = 2%, P2,P3 = 4%,  P4,P5,P6,P7 = 5% .

Late Submissions

Late submissions are not accepted.


If you feel that an exam or assignment has been incorrectly graded then

A regrade request must be submitted within one week after the graded work is returned. The regraded material is returned via Carpenter.

Posted Grades

Scores will be posted just inside the Carpenter Lab by either student ID or a 5-digit code that you give to us. It is your responsibility to verify that our records are correct. If you find an error, please contact the course administrator Laurie Buck during her office hours.

Exam Conflicts

Contact the course administrator  Laurie Buck   during her office hours.