CS 100 Student Information Sheet


You must complete this form with signatures and return it in lecture no later than Tuesday, Feb. 2.

1. Date:

2. Name (Print Clearly):

3. Cornell ID:

4. Background. (Ignore if you have never programmed.) I have written  programs in

Basic     Pascal     C     C++       Java      Other =

(Please circle the appropriate language(s).)

and they involved

Loops      Functions/methods       1D-Arrays      2D-Arrays      Recursion

(Please circle the appropriate concept(s).)


5. Program Return Policy. If I do not attach a yellow cover sheet to my programs requesting that they be kept confidential, I understand that they may be made available for return on the tables in Carpenter.



6. Complete either 6A or 6B.

6A: I consent to the use of my Student ID number for the purpose of posting of grades for CS 100 for the Spring 1999 semester, thereby waiving my rights in this regard under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. I understand that such consent is not required by the University and I affirm that it is in all respects freely and voluntarily given.I understand that this waiver will be retained by the instructor in charge of the course for a period of one year following its expiration.



6B. I prefer that you use the following 5-digit number instead of my Student ID when posting grades: