Speaker:  James O'Brien
Affiliation:  Georgia Institute of Technology
Date:  5/2/00
Time & Location:  4:15 PM, B17 Upson
Host:  Donald Greenberg
"Generating Synthetic Motion Using Physically Based Simulation"

Realistic synthetic motion is required in applications  ranging from commercial entertainment to surgical training.  However, generating realistic motion for complex objects is a  difficult task because of the large amount of data that must be  specified and because humans are very good at detecting unnatural or  implausible motions. I have explored one possible solution to this  problem: using physically based methods to automatically generate  motion for animated objects through the numerical simulation of  their physical counterparts. In particular, I have developed a  series of techniques for modeling the behavior of passive systems  such as water, cloth, and breaking objects, as well as techniques  for coupling multiple, heterogeneous systems together. In this  talk, I will emphasize recent research on modeling fracture  propagation in a dynamically restructured finite element mesh in  order to animate objects that can crack or tear. Because my goal is  realistic motion, I will also discuss evaluation techniques such as  user testing and side by side comparison with high-speed video  footage.