Tuesday, May 6 , 2008
12:00 pm
5130 Upson Hall

Computer Science
Spring 2008

Walker White
Cornell University

Database Processing in Computer Games

Scalability is increasingly becoming an important issue in computer games. Players want more objects, more behaviors, and more important. In this talk I will show how we can leverage technology from the data management community for solving some of these scalability problems. I introduce the "state-effect" pattern, a design pattern that allows game developers to design parts of their game so that is can be processed by a database query optimizer. I present SGL, a special scripting language which supports this design pattern, and which can be compiled to a relations language like SQL. I show how database techniques can process this design pattern in a way that improves performance by an order of magnitude or more. Finally, I conclude with an overview of our general research project and other ways in which database technology can aid in the development of computer games.