CS Colloquium
Thursday, March 4, 2004
B17 Upson Hall

Alan Ganek

IBM Initiatives in Autonomic Computing

Alan Ganek is the Vice President of IBM Autonomic Computing, a Corporate-wide initiative which focuses on developing a common approach and terminology to architect self-managing and more resilient systems, lowering the cost of ownership, reducing the complexity that exists in today’s computing environments, and helping bring the benefits of an on demand operating environment to customers.

This presentation will highlight the autonomic vision, the domains of Autonomic Computing and how they address the challenges in today's IT environments.  It will describe the unified architecture, the common building blocks and the toolkit that enable solutions for AC and make it easier for developers to add autonomic capabilities into their solutions. Some examples on how products and customers are using self-managing capabilities today will also be provided. There will be a brief overview of the work on standards with organizations such as OASIS, GGF, etc. and a brief discussion on how research and innovation are essential in order to address the challenges ahead.