CS Colloquium
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
4:15 PM
203 Thurston Hall

Prof. Amin Vahdat
Duke University/UCSD

SHARP: An Architecture for Secure Resource Peering

This talk presents SHARP, a distributed resource management framework for Internet-scale server infrastructures. SHARP supports flexible resource peering: it enables distributed and mutually distrustful entities to exchange shares of server time and other global resources in the same manner that ISPs exchange network bandwidth. The cornerstone of SHARP is a secure architecture for representing, validating, and delegating cryptographically protected resource claims across a network of resource managers. SHARP also introduces mechanisms for controlled, accountable oversubscription of resource rights as a fundamental tool for dependable, efficient resource management. We present experimental results from a prototype SHARP implementation in PlanetLab. The results demonstrate the practicality of our approach, the role of pairwise resource peering as a basis for a secure, decentralized barter economy for global PlanetLab resources, and the effectiveness of oversubscription for protecting resource availability in the presence of failures.

More information is available at http://issg.cs.duke.edu and http://www.planet-lab.org