CS Colloquium
Thursday, February 6, 2003
4:15 PM
B17 Upson Hall

Dr. Tushar Chandra
Almaden Research, IBM

xCP - a new protocol for sharing content

Abstract: Copy protection is a major point of contention between content owners and consumers of digital multimedia. In this talk, I will describe xCP, a new copy protection protocol invented at IBM research that allows devices to share content. I will also cover some related content protection technologies that are going into the next generation of standards.

Bio: Dr. Tushar Chandra is a Senior Manager of Distributed Systems at IBM's Almaden Research facility.

Dr. Chandra has worked on various aspects of distributed computing. For his Ph.D. thesis, he invented Unreliable Failure Detectors, a useful theoretical construct for designing fault-tolerant distributed protocols. He helped build the core fault-tolerant distributed computing infrastructure in the SP/2 line of clusters and subsequently did some of the early work on autonomic computing in clusters. He has worked on high-performance messaging, co-inventing content-based subscription. His current interests include Content Protection, Autonomic computing, Grid Computing and Business Process Integration.