Speaker: Balachander Krishnamurthy
Affiliation: AT&T Labs -- Research
Date: 1/23/01
Time and Location: 4:15pm, B11 Kimball Hall
Title: What's new in Web research?

For the last 2-3 years I have been examining various aspects of the World Wide Web. The work has ranged from specifics of the HTTP protocol to Web caching, packet monitoring, and end-to-end performance measurements.

Recently I have examined clustering of IP addresses, fast longest prefix matching techniques, reconstructing a HTTP/1.1 packet traces, and  benchmarking content distribution networks. But I won't be talking about any of these. 

In this overview talk I will try to construct a structure around the work I have been doing based on a concept called LDR. I will talk about HTTP protocol compliancy (to be presented at USITS next year) and End to End Web performance measurement (presented at WWW this year).

And I will also use the opportunity to flog my recently completed book -- Web: Principles, Protocols, and Practice (W3P), 600 pp, Addison-Wesley, to appear Spring 2001.

I am homepageless but some of my papers are available at: