Speaker: Igor Guskov
Affiliation: Caltech
Date: 4/26/01
Time and Location: 4:15 PM, B11 Kimball Hall
Title: Meshes and Geometry Processing

Progress in shape acquisition technology (laser scanners, etc.) has resulted in an abundance of large meshes representing highly detailed geometry. The acquired, densely sampled models are used in many application areas ranging from engineering design to entertainment and computational science. Processing of geometric information stored in such large meshes is the main theme of my talk. 

In the talk, I will present an overview of "digital geometry processing" and cover several techniques recently developed in that field, such as:

- Multiresolution processing of "raw" irregular meshes with applications to noise removal, filtering, editing and texture mapping.

- Conversion of irregularly sampled geometry into more efficient representations such as semi-regular "normal" meshes, and its applications to geometry compression. 

- Hybrid mesh representation that combines the simplicity of semi-regular and the flexibility of irregular meshes together with a user driven procedure for constructing hybrid meshes from densely sampled geometry.

- Processing of significant topological features with hybrid meshes and topological noise removal.

I will conclude with an overview of future and on-going work.