Fall 1999
Cornell University Computer Science Department 
Distinguished Lecture Series

9/2/99 Robert Constable, Cornell Academic Computer Science and the Information Revolution
9/17/99 Takeo Kanade, CMU Virtualized Reality:  Digitizing a 3D Time-Varying Real Event As Is and In Real Time
9/23/99 Allan Borodin, U. Toronto Lower Bounds for High Dimensional Nearest Neighbor Search and Related Problems
9/30/99 Doug Smith, Kestrel Institute Designware: Mechanizing Software Development by Refinement
10/5/99 Donald Greenberg, Cornell Progress, Problems & Potential
10/14/99 Peter Shirley, U. Utah Ray Tracing for Interactive 3D Computer Graphics
10/19/99 Ivet Bahar, Bogazici U, Some Computational Tools for Rapid Characterization of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 
10/21/99 Peter Lee, CMU/Cedilla Taking Programming Language Theory to Practice
10/28/99 Steve Marschner, Microsoft Realistic Rendering Using Measured Reflectance 
11/4/99 Mike Kearns, AT&T Labs Sparse Sampling Methods for Learning and Planning
11/11/99 Jeanette Wing, CMU Reasoning About Security Protocols
11/16/99 James Gray, Microsoft What Next? A Few Remaining Problems in Information Technology
11/18/99 Roy Levin, COMPAQ SRC Staying Afloat in a Sea of Versions: The Vesta Approach to Software Configuration Management
11/23/99 Golan Yona, Stanford Methods for global self-organization of all known proteins - Towards a map of the protein space