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Research agenda 

Our top-level goal is to investigate issues in Internet infrastructure. We are interested in protocols and algorithms that are grounded in theory, but are applicable to the Internet as is exists today. Our main research thrusts are in network performance management, topology-aware algorithms, and multiplanar applications. Here is a clickable roadmap of our work.


Here is a pointer to our publications.


Faculty S. Keshav Rosen Sharma

PhD students Cristi Estan Snorri Gylfason Thanasis Kyparlis    Lili Qiu Jia Wang Yin Zhang   Yu Zhang

Master's students Ya-Jie Wang

Undergraduates Hsi Haye Chan, Walter Chang, David Guiterrez, Leo Ku

Support staff Donna Bergmark


Our work is supported by cash and equipment grants from NSF, the Sloan Foundation, Lucent, Intel, IBM, Torrent Networking Technologies, Digital Inc., Dialogic, and Eloquent. Our thanks to them all.