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Administering a Dienst Server

Notice: Draft version

This document will provide information on administering a Dienst server.

Starting and Stopping Dienst

Dienst runs as part of Apache/mod_perl so starting/stopping Dienst is accomplished by starting/stopping Apache.

To start Apache/Dienst:

To stop Apache/Dienst:


Adding Content to Dienst

The addition of content to your Dienst Repository is now handled completely using a web interface.

User Submissions

The suggested Apache configuration settings for Dienst provide a mapping from submit.html at the root level of your web server to the Dienst request /Dienst/LibMgt/1.0/SubmitForm. This assumed that the LibMgt Service has been configured properly (refer to the Dienst Installation Instructions for information about configuring the LibMgt Service.)

Librarian Interface

The librarian uses a web interface for all actions related to adding content to the Dienst Repository. This interface allows the librarian to accept/install documents into the repository as well as withdraw documents that are no longer allowed in the repository. This interface requires that the LibMgt service has been configured properly.

The library administration interface is available at the local URL