Project List

Cornell Autonomous Flight Group
Ron Hose '05 (A&S), Brian Rogan '06 (A&S), Aaron Kimball '06 (ENG), JT Burgess '07 (ENG), Sean Francis-Lyon '08 (A&S), and Ameya Agaskar '07 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Kornegay

Nick Gerner '05 (ENG), Evan Junek '05 (ENG), Greg Poucher '05 (ENG), and Jonathan Lyons '05 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: William Arms

Cornell Autonomous Underwater Vehicle or CUAUV
Ben Evans '07 (ENG), Michael Stanish '05 (A&S), and Bryan Silverthorn '05 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Kornegay

Daniel Lee '05 (A&S) and Andrew Jonas '05 (A&S)
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Myers

Unstructuring User Preferences: Efficient Non-Parametric Utility Revelation
Alex Cheng '05 (A&S)
Faculty Advisor: Thorsten Joachims

CemWEB: Implicit Link Structure In The LiveJournal Community-Space
Yevgeniy Medynskiy '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Huttenlocher

A Spatially Coherent method for multi modal image segmentation
Ron Hose '05 (A&S)
Faculty Advisor: Ramin Zabih

"Ask NSDL" at BOOM
Carol Minton Morris, Blythe Bennett, and Joyce Wheatley
Faculty Advisor: William Arms

Affective Sensing and Graphics
Eunyoung Shin '06 (ENG) and Yevgeniy Medynskiy '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Phoebe Sengers

Web Research Infrastructure: Web Graph
Karthik Jeyabalan (Grad) and Jerrin Kallukalam (Grad)
Faculty Advisor: William Arms

A.I. Puzzler
Rafael Frongillo '07 (A&S), Sachit Butail (MENG), and Kevin Canini '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Claire Cardie and David Schwartz

Faculty Reporting
Gregory Leib '05 (A&S)

Irrational Hover Assault
Colin Reuter (MENG), Orlando Carpio '05 (CALS), Justin Pease '06 (ENG), Thomas Chao '05 (A&S), Michael Schmidt '05 (ENG), and Colin Campbell '05 (A&S)
Faculty Advisor: David Schwartz

CU Solar Decathlon
Timothy Fu '05 (ENG), Emile Chin-Dickey '05 (ENG), and Lane Goldberg '07 (A&S)
Faculty Advisor: Zellman Warhaft

Discovering the Arithmometer
Tim Kostka '05 (ENG)
Faculty Advisors: Hod Lipson and Francis Moon

Colin Campbell '05 (A&S) and David Lubin '05 (A&S)
Faculty Advisor: David Schwartz

Finding the Boundaries of Information Resources on the Web
Pavel Dmitriev, Ph.D. candidate and Boris Suchkov '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Carl Lagoze

Tucker Barrett '06 (A&S)
Faculty Advisor: Jeff Hancock

Alec Rivers '07 (A&S), David Levitan '06 (A&S), and Shawn Chen '07 (SNG)
Faculty Advisor: David Schwartz

Course Management System (CMS)
Jonathan Guarino '06 (ENG), Sherry Lee '06 (ENG), Yim King Cheng '06 (ENG), Evan Herbst '07 (ENG), and Raymond Doyle '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisors: Jayavel Shanmugasundaram and Andrew Myers

Publish-Subscribe System
Muthiah M Muthaia Chettiar '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Johannes Gehrke

Genetic MusicComposer
Yash Parghi '06 (A&S) and Andrew Dailey '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Claire Cardie

Fear Reflector
Eunyoung Shin '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Phoebe Sengers

The Golden Age RPG
Andrew Gould '05 (ENG) and Andre Pham '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: David Schwartz

PEPPER: Peer-to-Peer Data Management
Frans Effendi '05 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Johannes Gehrke

Cornell Robocup
Eugene Byrne '05 (ENG), Ivan Han '06 (ENG), and Homan Lee '08 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Raffaelo D'Andrea

Iterative Search Strategies Applied to Protein Folding
Ivan Rankenburg (Grad)
Faculty Advisor: Veit Elser

Quark Project
Anand Bhaskar '08 (ENG), Feng Shao (Grad), Fan Yang '(Grad), and Chavdar Botev (Grad)
Faculty Advisor: Jayavel Shanmugasundaram

Solid Freeform Fabrication of Living Tissue in Anatomic Shapes
Daniel Cohen '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisors: Hod Lipson and Lawrence Bonassar

Secure, Anonymous ECash Toolkit
Ron Hose '05 (A&S), and Peter Sirokman '05 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Fred B. Schneider

Web Structure Infrastructure Project
Nurwati Widodo (Grad), Ariel Rabkin '06 (A&S), and Mayank Gandhi (Grad)
Faculty Advisor: William Arms

Data Stream Processing: An Extended Publish Subscribe System
Joel Ossher '06 (A&S), Liwei Chen '07 (ENG), Chris Benedict '06 (A&S), and Matt Thomas '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Johannes Gehrke

DARPA Grand Challenge Artificial Intelligence
Matt Grimm '06 (ENG), Pete Moran '06 (ENG), Sergei Lupashin '06 (ENG), Derek Bentson '06 (ENG), Aaron Nathan '06 (ENG), and Noah Zych '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Ephrahim Garcia

DARPA Grand Challenge
Michael Sing Yu (MENG), Michael Donald Brown '05 (ENG), Daniel Ross Rubenfeld '06 (ENG), Marcin Bojanczyk '07 (ENG), Will Gordon Jessop '06 (A&S), and Brian William Schimpf '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Ephrahim Garcia

Information Science and Information Science, Systems, and Technology
Lindsay Marzano, Ross Housewright '05 (A&S), Ben Walther '06 (CALS), and Clayton McCarl '06 (A&S)

Hardware Evolution of Analog Circuits for Robotic Fault-Recovery
Dmitry Berenson '05 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Hod Lipson

Paul Lorah '06 (ENG)

Oil Market Modeling Using Q-Learning
Michael Wunder '05 (ENG)

August Zinsser '07 (ENG), Daniel Beer '06 (ENG), Jonathan Lake '06 (ENG), and Kevin Canini '06 (ENG)

Clario Menezes (MENG), Christopher Boone '05 (ENG), and Peter Burns '05 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Monroe Weber-Shirk and Graeme Bailey

A hybrid cadaveric/optimization simulation of static force production
Alex Deyle '06 (CALS) and Eric Samorodnitsky '06 (CALS)
Faculty Advisor: Francisco Valero Cuevas

BR Ventures
Sandeep Kumar (Johnson School)
Faculty Advisor: Francisco Valero Cuevas

Iterative Motion Planning
Tichakorn Wongpiromsarn '05 (ENG), Kimberly Chung '05 (ENG), and Thientu Ho '05 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Raffaelo D'Andrea

RDS Coupon Manager
Ismail Degani '05 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Douglas Heckathorn

Fe: Powered Bipedal Walking Robot
JP Ren '07 (ENG), Chris Cheng '07 (ENG), and Ross Woodson '06 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Andy Ruina

Protein Crystal Centering
Ismail Degani '05 (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Richard Gillilan

Evolving Flapping Robots
Floris van Breugel '08 (CALS)
Faculty Advisor: Hod Lipson

Disease Spread in Socially and Spatially Complex Populations
Elizabeth Van Nostrand '06 (A&S)
Faculty Advisor: Evan Cooch

A New Approach in Foreground Identification for Quality Evaluation of Temporally Resolved MR Digital
Yuan-Fen Kuo (Grad)
Faculty Advisor: Ramin Zabih

Fireflies: Scalable Intrusion-Tolerant Membership for Supporting Overlay Networks
Haavard Johansen (ENG)
Faculty Advisor: Robbert VanRenesse

Polar Heart Rate Monitor
Adri Mills '06 (CALS)
Faculty Advisor: Graeme Bailey

Computer Animation
Daniel Wei-Han Ho '05 (ENG), Nasheet Zaman (MS, AAP), and Jeffrey de Picciotto '05 (A&S)
Faculty Advisor: Donald Greenberg and Fabio Pellacini


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