The 2005 prototype... We are back in the saddle... just a few months until its progeny drop jaws in Osaka!
News & Announcements
03.16.2005: The Spring 2005 newsletter is here.
03.07.2005: Attention Juniors and Seniors: If you'll be back next year and are interested in RoboCup for your project, contact the appropriate team leaders.
02.28.2005: The prototype is built (see picture above). Things look good, but improvements and bug fixes are underway.
02.28.2005: 2005-2006 SIGNUP INFO IS HERE!...

Cornell RoboCup is a team of Cornell students that design an autonomous robot soccer team. Since the team first entered the RoboCup Small-Sized League in 1999, Big Red has won the international championship four times.

In 2004, Cornell switched from centralized intelligence with microcontroller based robots to distributed intelligence, with each robot running Windows CE on a PC104. This was challenging and our team was up to the challenge, but a series of problems (not related to Windows CE) led to an unrobust system and a (soon to be ended) break in our tradition of managing to be both innovative and competitive. Still, it was a successful year in that we introduced PC104, brushless motors, and other innovations that laid the groundwork for competitive and technical excellence. Before that, Cornell won the championship in July 2003 in Padua, Italy, as well as 2002 in Fukuoka, 2000 in Melbourne, and 1999 in Stockholm.

The team takes pride in a using systems engineering approach to the project. Contributions from graduate and undergraduate students in computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering are all equally important to the team's success.

More technical detail can be found on this poster...

RoboCup is an organization that organizes regional and worldwide competitions in robot soccer, humanoid robotics, and search and rescue robotics. The soccer matches are played by fully autonomous (no human control) teams of five robots per side. The rules are as similar to those of human soccer as possible. Read more about RoboCup here, or at the official website.