My Masters of Engineering project for Computer Science is an extended version of a CS 473 Artificial Intelligence project for the fall of 2003 at Cornell University. It is a chess playing program that implements various algorithms known in the field and attains an amatueur level of play. Both downloadable stand-alone, and online applet versions are available. Examine the links below for more in depth information on the project.
You can also read my report for the CS 473 subset of the project.

Here are the official rules of chess (from the US Chess Federation).

will give you the details on setting up and playing a game.

You can then either play online or download a stand-alone copy.
The latest version of the Java Virtual Machine is recommended for either choice.
If you download a copy, there are instructions for running it and for adding to the opening move database.

Read about the implementation. The source code can also be downloaded.

You can read details about the different algorithms used in the program.

Read about the performance of the program and how it can be improved.

Finally, take a look at a useful list of chess programming related links and books used for the project.