February 19, 2003

  BOOM 2003 Project Submission Form

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   Do you currently have a Computer Science (CS) computer Account?     (check to indicate YES)


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Note:  If you currently DON'T have either a CS Account, a CSUGLab Account or Red Rover wireless access, check yes here to obtain a guest account.                                        (check to indicate YES)

  Will you be using your own PC?  If yes, check one                   Laptop         Desktop   


Note:  If you're using your own laptop, and you DO NOT have Red Rover, you must pre-register the laptop mac address with ADM in Upson 311 if you plan to be connected to a network.

 Do you need access to a Comp Science Dept PC?                                    (check to indicate YES)


Note:  If you're using a Comp Science Dept PC, you will have access to these applications: 
(Windows 2000, Office 2000, Exceed  (Unix), Netscape 4.75, Ghostview, Acrobat Reader, WinZip)

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