Database Lunch

The database lunch is the weekly informal meeting of students and faculty interested in data management and data mining at Cornell. We usually have a paper presentation of seminal or recent papers of general interest. Lunches take place every Monday at noon in 5130 Upson Hall, with the paper presentation starting at 12:10 and ending by 1pm including questions.

If you have any questions, please talk to Johannes or Lucja.





January 21 Organizational Meeting Johannes 5130 Upson
January 28 A/B testing Yin 5130 Upson
February 4 Positional update handling in column stores, Sandor Heman et al, SIGMOD 2010 Guozhang 5130 Upson
February 11 DB Colloquium: Laasie: Collaborating through changes Oliver Kennedy 5130 Upson
February 18 Avrilia Floratou, Nikhil Teletia, David J. DeWitt, Jignesh M. Patel, Donghui Zhang: Can the Elephants Handle the NoSQL Onslaught? Bailu 5130 Upson
February 25 Yanpei Chen, Sara Alspaugh, Randy H. Katz: Interactive Analytical Processing in Big Data Systems: A Cross-Industry Study of MapReduce Workloads. Tao 5130 Upson
March 4 No meeting, PhD Visit Day
March 11 N. Dalvi, Aditya Parameswaran, and V. Rastogi. Minimizing Uncertainty in Pipelines, NIPS'12 Adith 5130 Upson
March 18 No meeting, Spring Break
March 25 Objective-C and iOS development Walker 5130 Upson
April 1 DB Colloquium: Adventures in Enterprise Software Startups, and Lessons Learned Mingsheng Hong 5130 Upson
April 8 Hails: Protecting Data Privacy in Untrusted Web Applications, Giffin et Al, OSDI 2012 Gabriel 5130 Upson
April 15 Scala Sudip and Stavros 5130 Upson
April 22 Yucheng Low, Joseph Gonzalez, Aapo Kyrola, Danny Bickson, Carlos Guestrin, Joseph M. Hellerstein: Distributed GraphLab: A Framework for Machine Learning in the Cloud. Wenlei 5130 Upson
April 29 DB Colloquium: Big Learning Systems Tyson Condie 5130 Upson

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