Database Lunch Schedule: Spring 2009

The database lunch is the weekly informal meeting of students and faculty interested in data management and data mining at Cornell. We usually have a paper presentation of seminal or recent papers of general interest. Lunches take place every Monday at noon in 5130 Upson Hall, with the paper presentation starting at 12:10pm and ending by 1pm including questions.





January 19 Welcome and Introduction Johannes Gehrke 5130 Upson
January 26 Pay-as-you-go Information Integration in Personal and Social Dataspaces Marcos Vaz Salles 5130 Upson
February 2 Database Colloquium.   5130 Upson
February 9 Pulse: Database Support for Efficient Query Processing Of Temporal Polynomial Models Yanif Ahmad 5130 Upson
February 16 CIDR Talk and Games Project Status Update. Ben Sowell 5130 Upson
February 23 Database Colloquium.   5130 Upson
March 2 TBD   5130 Upson
March 9 ICDT Practice Talk. Michaela Goetz 5126 Upson
March 16 No Lunch - Spring Break    
March 23

Lucja 5130 Upson
March 30 Oliver 5130 Upson
April 6   Ben Sowell 5130 Upson
April 13 R. Gupta and S. Sarawagi. Creating Probabilistic Databases from Information Extraction Models. VLDB 2006. Guozhang Whang 5130 Upson
April 20 Graham Cormode and Minos Garofalakis. Histograms and Wavelets on Probabilistic Data. Proceedings of ICDE 2009, Shanghai, China, March 2009. Xiaokui Xiao 5130 Upson
April 27   TBD 5130 UPson

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