Database Lunch

The database lunch is the weekly informal meeting of students and faculty interested in data management and data mining at Cornell. We usually have a paper presentation of seminal or recent papers of general interest. Lunches take place every Monday at noon in 5130 Upson Hall, with the paper presentation starting at 12:10 and ending by 1pm including questions.

If you have any questions, please talk to Johannes or Lucja.





August 27 Organizational Meeting Johannes 5130 Upson
September 3 No meeting, Labor Day
September 6 CS Department Colloquium Magda Balazinska Upson B17, 4:15pm
September 10 DB Colloquium: Scalable and Flexible Similarity Matching Operators Feifei Li 5130 Upson
September 17 DB Colloquium: Urban Computing with City Dynamics Yu Zheng 5130 Upson
September 20 CS Department Colloquium Sam Madden Upson B17, 4:15pm
September 24 DB Colloquium: Bidirectional Transformations for Web Data Nate Foster 5130 Upson
October 1 DB Colloquium: Google Ads Backend System Manpreet Singh 5130 Upson
October 8 No meeting, Fall Break
October 15 Tokutek Al 5130 Upson
October 22 DB Colloquium: Local Thresholding for Structured and Unstructured graphs Ran Wolff 5130 Upson
October 29 Map-Reduce performance debugging Stavros 5130 Upson
November 5 DB Colloquium: TileHeat: A Framework for Tile Selection Marcos Vaz Salles 5130 Upson
November 12 No talk, just lunch due to SIGMOD deadline 5130 Upson
November 19 Shingled Disks Wenlei 5130 Upson
November 26 Intro to Topic Modeling Adith (potentially with help from someone else) 5130 Upson

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