Database Lunch Schedule: Fall 2010

The database lunch is the weekly informal meeting of students and faculty interested in data management and data mining at Cornell. We usually have a paper presentation of seminal or recent papers of general interest. Lunches take place every Monday at noon in 5130 Upson Hall, with the paper presentation starting at 12:10 and ending by 1pm including questions.

If you are interested in presenting a paper or have any questions, please talk to Lucja.





August 30 Organizational Meeting Lucja 5130 Upson
September 6 No lunch - Labor Day
September 13 Google Fusion Tables: data management, integration and collaboration in the cloud, Gonzalez et al, SOCC 2010 Haden 5130 Upson
September 20 Project Presentations I - Privacy, Image Processing Michael and Yin 5130 Upson
September 27 Project Presentations II - Games, Youtopia Marcos and Lucja 5130 Upson
October 4 The Case for Determinism in Database Systems, Thomson and Abadi, VLDB 2010 Tuan 5130 Upson
October 11 No lunch - Fall Break
October 18 The DataPath System: A Data-Centric Analytic Processing Engine for Large Data Warehouses, Arumugam et al, SIGMOD 2010 Sudip 5130 Upson
October 25 XML Data Integration Lucja 5130 Upson
November 1 No talk, just lunch (SIGMOD deadline) 5130 Upson
November 8 GraphLab: A New Framework for Parallel Machine Learning, Low et al, UAI 2010 Guozhang 5130 Upson
November 15 Automatic Contention Detection and Amelioration for Data Intensive Operations, Cieslewicz et al, SIGMOD 2010 Tao 5130 Upson
November 22 Dremel: Interactive Analysis of Web-Scale Datasets, Melnik et al, VLDB 2010 Ben 5130 Upson
November 29 Group discussion No speaker 5130 Upson

DBLunch is financially supported by Yahoo! Research.

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