Cornell Database Group - DB Lunch


Database Lunch Schedule: Fall 2007

The database lunch is the weekly informal meeting of students and faculty interested in data management and data mining at Cornell. We usually have a paper presentation of seminal or recent papers of general interest. Lunches take place every Monday at noon in 5130 Upson Hall, with the paper presentation starting at 12:10pm and ending by 1pm including questions.





August 27 Welcome and introduction Christoph 5130 Upson
September 3 Massively Multi-Query Join Processing in Publish/Subscribe Systems. M. Hong, A. Demers, J. Gehrke, C. Koch, M. Riedewald, and W. White. SIGMOD 2007. Mingsheng 5130 Upson
September 10 Scalable Games Walker 315 Upson
September 17 Adaptive Aggregation on Chip Multiprocessors. J. Cieslewicz, K. Ross. VLDB 2007. Nitin 5130 Upson
September 24 Sharing Aggregate Computation for Distributed Queries. R. Huebsch, M. Garofalakis, J.M. Hellerstein, I. Stoica. SIGMOD 2007, p.485. David 5130 Upson
October 1 Building Structured Web Community Portals: A Top-Down, Compositional, and Incremental Approach, P. DeRose, W. Shen, F. Chen, A. Doan, R. Ramakrishnan. VLDB 2007. Felix 5130 Upson
October 8 Fall break (no DB lunch). --- ---
October 15 The End of an Architectural Era (It's Time for a Complete Rewrite). M. Stonebraker, S. Madden, D. Abadi, S. Harizopoulos, N. Hachem, and P. Helland. VLDB 2007. Ben 5130 Upson
October 22 Data Integration with Uncertainty. X. Dong, A. Halevy and C. Yu. VLDB 2007 *and* Indexing Dataspaces. X. Dong, A. Halevy. SIGMOD 2007, p.43. Lucja 5130 Upson
October 29 Representing and Querying Correlated Tuples in Probabilistic Databases; P. Sen, A. Deshpande; ICDE 2007. Lyublena 5130 Upson
November 5 Seeking Stable Clusters in the Blogosphere. Nilesh Bansal, Fei Chiang, Nick Koudas, Frank Tompa. VLDB 2007. Mila 5130 Upson
November 12 Food but no talk (SIGMOD deadline!) --- 5130 Upson
November 19 Statistical Analysis for Approximate Query Processing Alin Dobra (University of Florida) 5130 Upson
November 26 On the Privacy of DRESS-UP: Dirichlet RESampling to Simulate User Populations Ashwin 5130 Upson