Department of Computer Science

Donna Bergmark, Retired

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I have retired from being a researcher and a programmer/analyst in the Computer Science Department at Cornell.  In this capacity I was happy to support first the Computer Networking Research Group (CNRG) under Srinivasan Keshav and then the Digital Libraries Research Group (DLRG) under Carl Lagoze and Bill Arms. The Digital Library work (starting October 1999) included  a reference linking project and a web crawling project.  Then, during 2003, I devoted my efforts to the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) project, in particular the sub-project to automate the inclusion of new content into the library.

Before joining the DLRG,  I was a programmer/analyst for the CNRG project.  Here is a description of that job, and a list of links to related activities:

Before that I was part of the Theory Center.

I retired as of January 3, 2004.

It should be noted that the Computer Science Department is where I started out as a graduate student some 30 years before my retirement. It was a home to me, and I really treasure the friends I made there among faculty and students. Over the years I wandered around from Cornell Computer Services, the Ithaca College Math department, and the Cornell Theory Center.

That the Computer Science Department was my last home before retiring is so neat.