1998 - 1999 CS Annual Report                                                         Publications
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Technical Reports

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Aaron, E. and M. Spivey. Insight into theorem proving via eye movements. TR99-1733, Feb 11, 1999.

Aguilera. M. and S. Toueg. A simple bivalency proof that T-resilient consensus requires t+1 rounds. TR98-1701, Sept 1, 1998.

Aguilera, M., S. Toueg and B. Deianov. Revisiting the weakest failure detector for uniform reliable broadcast. TR99-1741, Apr 20, 1999.

Birman, K. A review of experiences with reliable multicast. TR99-1726, Jan 18, 1999.

Birman, K., M. Hayden, O.Ozkasap, Z. Xiao, M. Budiu and Y. Minsky. Bimodal multicast (revised). TR99-1745, May 11, 1999.

Boykov, Y. and D. Huttenlocher. A new bayesian framework for object recognition. TR98-1713, Oct 28, 1998.

Boykov, Y., O. Veksler, and R. Zabih. Efficient restoration of multicolor images with independent noise. TR98-1712, Oct 27, 1998.

Caldwell, J. Decidability extracted: Synthesizing "correct-by-construction" decision procedures from constructive proofs. TR98-1722, Dec 2, 1998.

Cardie, C. and D. Pierce. Proposal for an interactive environment for information extraction. TR98-1702, Sept 2, 1998.

Chang, C. and T. von Eicken. A software architecture for zero-copy RPC in Java. TR98-1708, Oct 6, 1998.

Chang, C. and T. von Eicken. Interfacing Java with the virtual interface architecture. TR99-1727, Jan 25, 1999.

Chen, Z. and P. Seshadri. A compression framework for query results. TR98-1720, Nov 12, 1998.

Chew, P., K. Kedem, J. Kleinberg, D. Huttenlocher. Fast detection of common geometric substructure in proteins. TR98-1705, Sept 11, 1998.

Coleman, T., Y. Li., and A. Verma. Reconstructing the unknown volatility function. TR98-1706, Sept 25, 1998.

Coleman, T., Y. Li., and A. Mariano. Segmentation of pulmonary nodule images using total variation minimization. TR98-1704, Sept 8, 1998.

Crary, K. Type-theoretic methodology for practical programming languages. TR98-1699, Aug 19, 1998.

Crary, K., S. Weirich and G. Morrisett. Intensional polymorphism in type-erasure semantics. TR98-1721, Nov 13, 1998.

Czajkowski, G., T. Mayr, P. Seshadri and T. von Eicken. Resource control for database extensions. TR98-1718, Nov 10, 1998.

Dushay, N., J. French, and C. Lagoze. A characterization study of NCSTRL distributed searching. TR99-1725, Jan 11, 1999.

Dushay, N., J. French and C. Lagoze. Predicting indexer performance in a distributed digital library. TR99-1743, May 5, 1999.

Glew, N. Type dispatch for named hierarchical types. TR99-1738, Apr 7, 1999.

Hayden, M. and Z. Xiao. A multicast flow control protocol. TR99-1739, Apr 6, 1999.

Heng, W. Approximately optimal elimination orderings for sparse matrices. TR99-1736, Mar 18, 1999.

Hickey, T. Availability and consistency in a partitionable low bandwidth network. TR98-1696, Aug 3, 1998.

Hopkins, M. and D. Kozen. Parikh's theorem in commutative kleene algebra. TR99-1724, Jan 4, 1999.

Howe, N. and C. Cardie. Weighting unusual feature types. TR99-1735, Mar 9, 1999.

Johansen, D., K. Marzullo, F. Schneider, K. Jacobsen and D. Zagorodnov. NAP: Practical fault-tolerance for itinerant computations. TR98-1716, Nov 8, 1998.

Johansen, D., K. Marzullo, F. Schneider, K. Jacobsen, and D. Zagorodnov. NAP: Practical fault-tolerance for itinerant computations. TR99-1737, Mar 30, 1999.

Kleinberg, J. Efficient algorithms for protein sequence design and the analysis of certain evolutionary fitness landscapes. TR98-1714, Oct 30, 1998.

Kotlyar, V. Relational algebraic techniques for the synthesis of sparse matrix programs. TR99-1732, Feb 9, 1999.

Kozen, D. Language-based security. TR99-1751, June 15, 1999.

Kozen, D. On hoare logic and kleene algebra with tests. TR98-1723, Dec 10, 1998.

Kreitz, C. Formal reasoning about communication systems II: Automated fast-track reconfiguration. TR98-1707, Sept 23, 1998.

Liben-Nowell, D. On the structure of syntenic distance. TR98-1710, Oct 18, 1998.

Mayr, T. and P. Seshadri. Client-site query extensions. TR98-1719, Nov 10, 1998.

Mayr, T. and P. Seshadri. pervasive query processing. TR99-1750, May 26, 1999.

Naumov, P. Formalizing reference types in NuPRL, PhD Thesis. TR98-1709, Sept 29, 1998.

Naumov, P. Importing Isabelle formal mathematics into NuPRL. TR99-1734, Feb 26, 1999.

Naumov, P. Theory of reference types. TR98-1711, Oct 20, 1998.

Ozkasap, O., Z. Xiao and K. Birman. Scalability of two reliable multicast protocols. TR99-1748, May 17, 1999.

Qiu, L. Programming language translation. TR99-1746, May 11, 1999.

Qiu, L., Y. Zhang and S. Keshav. On individual and aggregate TCP performance. TR99-1744, May 10,1999.

Rodeh, O., K. Birman, M. Hayden, and D. Dolev. Dynamic virtual private networks. TR98-1695, Aug 2, 1998.

Rodeh, O., K. Birman, M. Hayden, Z. Xiao and D. Dolev. Ensemble security. TR98-1703, Sept 8, 1998.

Seshadri, P. Relational query optimization with enhanced ADTs. TR98-1693, July 7, 1998.

Schneider, F., S. Bellovin and A. Inouye. Critical infrastructures you can trust: Where telecommunications fits. TR98-1717, Nov 8, 1998.

Spoonhower, D., G. Czajkowski, C. Hawblitzel, C. Chang, D. Hu and T. von Eicken. Design and evaluation of an extensible web & telephony server based on the J-Kernel. TR98-1715, Nov 4, 1998.

Summers, K. Automatic discovery of logical document structure. TR98-1698, Aug 14, 1998.

Tabor, W. Dynamical automata. TR98-1694, July 20, 1998.

Viswanath, D. Lyapunov exponents from random Fibonacci sequences to the Lorenz equations. TR98-1697, Aug 12,1998.

Walker, D. A type system for expressive security policies. TR99-1740, Apr 9, 1999.

Walter, B. Density estimation techniques for global illumination. TR98-1700, Aug 27, 1998.

Wang, J. A survey of web caching schemes for the internet. TR99-1747, May 12, 1999.

Wang, J. and S. Keshav. Efficient and accurate ethernet simulation. TR99-1728, Feb 5, 1999.

Wang, J. and S. Keshav. Efficient and accurate ethernet simulation (revised). TR99-1749, May 20, 1999.

Wang, J. and W. Ooi. Detecting static objects in busy scenes. TR99-1730, Feb 8, 1999.

Wang, J., Y. Zhang, Z.Chen and Y. Zhang. Image disorientation auto-recovery. TR99-1729, Feb 8, 1999.

Zhang, Y. WebScript - A scripting language for the web. TR99-1742, Apr 21, 1999.

Zhang, Y., L. Qiu and S.Keshav. Optimizing TCP start-up performance. TR99-1731, Feb 10, 1999.