Graeme Bailey

Ph.D. University of Birmingham, U.K., 1977

Originally working in low-dimensional topology and combinatorial group theory, through an odd mixture of circumstances I have become actively involved in research in mathematics and medicine. One of two ongoing research projects in this area is the modeling of lung inflation, together with a research group at the Class One Trauma Center atr Upstate
Medical Univ., Syracuse, NY. This is in the early stages of a program to

extend to various pathologies affecting elasticity and aimed towards effective clinical treatments. The group, now having made some significant advances in answering questions which had remained unsolved for over 30 years, is now in the process of trying to obtain reliable mathematical models. This involves building computer simulations of dynamic packing results under constrained perturbations and deformations. The other project is in understanding deformations of transmembrane proteins used in cell-signaling processes. This is a carefully constrained version of the protein-folding problems which have been exciting the mathematical biology community in recent years; the application of a topological viewpoint in collaborating with molecular pharmacologists and structural biologists has already yielded some intriguing insights.


ACSU Faculty of the Year, 1999-2000.

Kenneth A. Goldman ’71 Excellence in Teaching Award, 2000.

University Activities

Adjunct Professor: Mathematics.

Fellowship Selection Committees: Rhodes, Marshall, Churchill, and Fulbright.

Faculty Advisor: Judo Club.

Committees: North Campus Planning; Donlon Fellows Development.

Panelist: Alumni Affairs. Cornell EMS.

Risley Faculty Fellow.


What’s the Harm in Harmony, Mortar Board Last Lecture Series, Cornell Univ., April 2000.

The Art of Stereotyping, Risley, March 2000.