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Industrial Partnerships

The department offers opportunities to interact on a number of levels with internationally respected scientists in such vital areas as:

artificial intelligence
computational methods for mechanical design and simulation
distributed computing and fault-tolerance
formal specification and verification methodologies
graphics (through affiliation)
information technology
language, document classification and retrieval
networking databases
parallel computing
programming languages
programming logics
remote collaboration technologies
scientific and numerical computing
theoretical computer science
vision and image interpretation
supercomputing (through affiliation)

Industrial partners are invited to participate directly in the technology development process, through on-campus representation, visits, and consulting arrangements. Additional opportunities include access to technical reports, colloquiums and seminars, the department’s annual report, and résumés submitted by B.A., B.S., M.S., M.Eng., and Ph.D. candidates expecting to graduate.

Computer Science faculty and researchers are collaborating with industrial partners. Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Lucent funded significant new activities this year. Intel has been an active research partner for a number of years. Its current donation of workstations expands and upgrades the department’s research environment. Microsoft’s donation of funds for workstations for our PhD students and its substantial donation of software benefits both research and instruction. Hewlett Packard’s gift of workstations upgrades the department's instructional facility and enhances undergraduate curriculum development.

As a new industrial partner, Lucent’s loan of equipment and donation of funds is a significant contribution to research in multimode networking. Xerox continues its support of collaborative research through the Design Research Institute and the Xerox Term Chair, held by Brian Smith.

An expanded joint information technology laboratory is being constructed with continuing support from GTE and AT&T and with a previous gift from CEO David Duffield of Peoplesoft. This laboratory will showcase emerging technologies developed through the collaborative research efforts of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science faculty.


Industrial Partners, 1996–1997

AT&T Kodak Hewlett-Packard Microsoft
Cabletron Lucent IBM Corporation Xerox Corporation
GTE Mathworks Intel Corporation


We remain grateful for their ongoing support of our research and instructional activities. These industrial partnerships are a vital part of life in this department, and we value them.

Inquiries about industrial partnerships may be addressed to:

Computer Science Partnerships
Department of Computer Science
4130 Upson Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-7501
phone: (607) 255-7316
Fax: (607) 255-4428


Corporate Gifts and Grants

The department is grateful for the support, including equipment and software, provided by our industrial partners.

AT&T $105,000
Cabletron $15,000
GTE $70,000
Hewlett Packard $155,906
Intel $431,499
Kodak $40,000
Lucent $110,000 *
Microsoft $702,770
Xerox $273,970

*Includes indefinite loan of Definity PBX with ethernet interface.

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