Administrative and Technical Staff


Director of Administration: Patricia Musa (
Assistant to the Chair: Lisa Alzo (
Department & Information Resource: Jan Batzer (
Human Resources: Susan Crawford (
Fiscal Office: Fiscal Officer - Claudia Wojcinski (
Accounts Representative - Carol Ayer (

Graduate Programs:
Assistant Director, Graduate Programs -
Rebekah Personius (

Undergraduate Program:
Assistant Director
- Daniel Jenkins (
Undergraduate Course Coordinator - Laurie Buck (
Undergraduate Assistant - Kathe Grant (

Faculty Administrative Assistants:
Rose Chessman (
Linda Competillo (
Helene Croft (
Karla Consroe (
Linda Mardel

Cindy Robinson (
Cindy Williams

Colloquium & Seminars:
Department Colloquium, Departmental Library
- Jan Batzer (
Theory Seminar - Karla Consroe (
Advanced Computer Research Institute and Numerical Analysis Seminar - Helene Croft (

Research Institutes:
ACRI Administrative Assistant
- Helene Croft (
DRI Administrative Assistant - Lois Brown (


Director of Computer Facilities - Dean Krafft (

Computer Facilities Staff
Dora Abdullah Systems Programmer
Ian Alderman
Systems Programmer
John Finley Electrical Technician
Doug Flanagan Systems Programmer
Orlando Johnson Systems Programmer
Denise Moore Computer Consultant
Larry Parmelee Systems Programmer
Cay Wilson Systems Administrator


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