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Technical Reports

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Aaron, E. and M. Spivey. Designing a calculational logic theorem prover: Insight into search procedure via eye movements. TR98-1680, May 6, 1998.

Aaron, E. and M. Spivey. Frequency vs. probability formats: Framing the three doors problem. TR98-1672, April 1, 1998.

Aguilera, M., W. Chen, and S. Toueg. Failure detection and consensus in the crash recovery model. TR98-1676, April 27, 1998.

Aguilera, M., W. Chen, and S. Toueg. On quiescent reliable communication. TR98-1692, June 18, 1998.

Aguilera, M., W. Chen, and S. Toueg. On the weakest failure detector for quiescent reliable communication. TR97-1640, July 18, 1997.

Aguilera, M. and S. Toueg. Correctness proof of Ben-Or's randomized consensus algorithm. TR98-1682, May 17, 1998.

Birman, K., M. Hayden, O. Ozkasap, Z. Xiao, M.

Budiu, and Y. Minsky. Bimodal multicast. TR98-1683, May 18, 1998.

Bohringer, K. Programmable force fields for distributed manipulation and their implementation using micro-fabricated actuator arrays. TR97-1648, Sept. 20, 1997.

Boykov, Y., O. Veksler, and R. Zabih. Markov random fields with efficient approximations. TR97-1658, Dec. 3, 1997.

Boykov, Y., O. Veksler, and R. Zabih. A variable window approach to early vision. TR97-1657, Dec. 3, 1997.

Cardie, C. and S. Mardis. Proposal for a framework for the high-precision identification of linguistic relationships. TR97-1653, Nov. 20, 1997.

Coleman, T. and Y. Li. Combining trust region and affine scaling linearly constrained nonconvex minimization. TR97-1641, July 28, 1997.

Coleman, T. and J. Liu. An exterior Newton method for convex quadratic programming. TR97-1649, Oct. 5, 1997.

Coleman, T. and Y. Li. A trust region and affine scaling interior point method for nonconvex minimization with linear inequality constraints. TR97-1642, July 28, 1997.

Coleman, T. and A. Verma. ADMIT-1: Automatic differentiation and MATLAB interface toolbox. TR98-1663, Jan. 9, 1998.

Crary, K. Admissibility of fixpoint induction over partial types. TR98-1674, April 16, 1998.

Crary, K. Programming language semantics in foundational type theory. TR98-1666, March 5, 1998.

Crary, K. Simple, efficient object encoding using intersection types. TR98-1675, April 23, 1998.

Czajkowski, G. and T. von Eicken. JRes: A resource accounting interface for Java. TR98-1679, May 1, 1998.

Friedman, R. and A. Vaysburd. High-performance replicated distributed objects in partitionable environments. TR97-1639, July 16, 1997.

Gries, D. and F. Schneider. Formalizations of substitution of equals for equals. TR98-1686, May 27, 1998.

Guo, K. Scalable message stability detection protocols. TR98-1684, May 22, 1998.

Guo, K., M. Hayden, R. van Renesse, W. Vogels, and K. Birman. GSGC: An efficient gossip-style garbage collection scheme for scalable reliable multicast. TR97-1656, Dec. 3, 1997.

Guo, K., R. van Renesse, W. Vogels, and K. Birman. Hierarchical message stability tracking protocols. TR97-1647, Sept. 10, 1997.

Hafizogullari, O. and C. Kreitz. Dead code elimination through type inference. TR98-1673, April 2, 1998.

Hawblitzel, C., C. Chang, G. Czajkowski, D. Hu and T. von Eicken. Implementing multiple protection domains in Java. TR97-1660, Dec. 23, 1997.

Hawblitzel, C. and T. von Eicken. A case for language-based protection. TR98-1670, March 17, 1998.

Hayden, M. Distributed communication in ML. TR97-1652, Nov. 11, 1997.

Hayden, M. The Ensemble system. TR98-1662, Jan. 8, 1998.

Johansen, D., K. Jacobsen, N. Sudmann, K. Lauvset, K. Birman, and W. Vogels. Using software design patterns to build distributed environmental monitoring applications. TR97-1655, Dec. 1, 1997.

Keshav, S. and S. Paul. Centralized multicast. TR98-1688, June 4, 1998.

Kleinberg, J. An efficient algorithm for polymer sequence design. TR98-1671, March 25, 1998.

Kleinberg, J. and A. Kumar. Wavelength conversion in optical networks. TR98-1677, April 28, 1998.

Kozen, D. Efficient code certification. TR98-1661, Jan. 8, 1998.

Kozen, D. Typed Kleene algebra. TR98-1669, March 17, 1998.

Kreitz, C. Formal reasoning about communication systems I: Embedding ML into type theory. TR97-1637, July 15, 1997.

Lagoze, C. and S. Payette. An infrastructure for open-architecture digital libraries. TR98-1690, June 10, 1998.

Morrisett, G., D. Walker, K. Crary, and N. Glew. From system F to typed assembly language (extended version). TR97-1651, Nov. 21, 1997.

Moten, R. Concurrent refinement in Nuprl. TR97-1645, Aug. 22, 1997.

Naumov, P. Publishing formal mathematics on the web. TR98-1689, June 9, 1998.

Nogin, A. Improving the efficiency of Nuprl proofs. TR97-1643, Aug. 11, 1997.

Pearson, D. Parallel computing as a commodity. TR98-1685, May 22, 1998.

Rodeh, O., K. Birman, and M. Hayden. Dynamic virtual private networks. TR97-1654, Nov. 26, 1997.

Schneider, F. Enforceable security policies. TR98-1664, Jan. 15, 1998.

Schneider, F. Towards fault-tolerant and secure agentry. TR97-1636, July 9, 1997.

Smith, F. and G. Morrisett. Mostly-copying collection: A viable alternative to conservative mark-sweep. TR97-1644, Aug. 12, 1997.

Stodghill, P. A relational approach to the automatic generation of sequential sparse matrix codes. TR97-1635, July 11, 1997

Stoller, S. and F. Schneider. Automated stream-based analysis of fault-tolerance. TR98-1691, June 13, 1998.

van Renesse, R., K. Birman, M. Hayden, A. Vaysburd, and D. Karr. Building adaptive systems using Ensemble. TR97-1638, July 16, 1997.

van Renesse, R., Y. Minsky, and M. Hayden. A gossip-style failure detection service. TR98-1687, May 28, 1998.

Vaysburd, A. Building reliable interoperable distributed objects with the Maestro tools. TR98-1678, April 24, 1998.

Verma, A. Structured automatic differentiation. TR98-1681, May 12, 1998.

Viswanath, D. Random fibonacci sequences and the number 1.13198824....TR97-1650, Oct. 1, 1997.