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Student Lectures

Caldwell, J. Formal methods: Industrial applications from the NASA portfolio. Raytheon Systems Canada Ltd., Richmond, British Columbia, May 22, 1998.

Caldwell, J. Moving proofs-as-programs into practice. Twelfth IEEE Int. Conf. Automated Software Engineering (ASE'97), Incline Village, NV, Nov. 5, 1997.

Chang, C. Evaluating the performance limitations of MPMD communication. Technical Program, ACM/IEEE Supercomputing 97, Nov. 21, 1998.

Czajkowski, G. Resource Accounting for Java. Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA, June, 1998.

, N. Modular-TAL. Software Engineering Research Group. March 17, 1998.

Glew, N. Typed Assembly Language. CS Weekly Seminar. March 19, 1998.

Kodukula, I. Data-centric program restructuring. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, March 13, 1998.
___. University of Rochester, March 16, 1998.
___. Princeton University, March 25, 1998.
___. Duke University, April 6, 1998.
___. University of Arizona, Tucson, April 9, 1998.
___. UCLA, April 16, 1998.

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, A. The virtual synchrony tutorial. Bell Laboratories, Murray Hills, NJ, Oct.16, 1997.

Vaysburd, A. Ensemble and Maestro: Architecture and tools. Bell Laboratories, Murray Hills, NJ, Oct. 20, 1997.

Vaysburd, A. The virtual synchrony model and Maestro tools: Concepts, implementation, and applications. Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA, Jan.19, 1998.