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Electrical Engineering

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering have significantly increased their collaborations and joint planning activities in recent years. These research and curriculum development activities are focused primarily in the broad area of computer engineering and systems. Recent hires in both units-Zygmunt Haas, Sheila Hemami, Srinivasan Keshav, Brian Smith, Thorsten von Eicken, Steve Wicker, and Ramin Zabih-are building joint research programs as well as expanding existing research projects. Efforts include establishing a joint visual communications lab and exploring various aspects of mobile computing. This year, the departments worked together on faculty recruiting, and the incoming EE faculty members are likely to contribute further toward this collaborative atmosphere. Interdepartmental efforts include joint curriculum development. For example, Hemami (EE) and Zabih (CS) co-taught a seminar on visual motion, which was cross-listed in both departments. Next year, we will be investigating possibilities for joint degree programs in computer engineering and related areas.