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Administrative Staff

Administrative Office
Director of Administration - Patricia Musa
Assistant to the Chair - Lisa Alzo
Department & Information Resource - Jan Batzer
Human Resources - Tammy Taraszkiewicz


Fiscal Office
Fiscal Officer - Claudia Wojcinski
Accounts Representative - Carol Ayer
Financial Assistant -Tammy Taraszkiewicz
Graduate Programs
Assistant Director - Lizbeth Henson
Admin. Assist. - Anne Grevstad-Nordbrock
Undergraduate Program
Assistant Director - Daniel Jenkins
Undergrad. Course Coordinator - Laurie Buck
Undergraduate Assistant - Kathe Grant
Faculty Administrative Assistants
Kate Benas
Rose Chessman
Linda Competillo
Helene Croft
Karla Consroe
Joan Lockwood
Kelly C. McCarthy
Cindy Robinson
Cindy Williams

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Colloquium & Seminars
Department Colloquium, Department Library - Jan Batzer
Theory Seminar - Karla Consroe
Advanced Computer Research Institute and Numerical Analysis Seminar - Helene Croft

Research Institutes
ACRI Administrative Assistant - Helene Croft
DRI Administrative Assistant - Lois Brown