Salton Honored

In 1961, Gerard Salton received a grant that allowed his research group to begin development of SMART, a research testbed for information retrieval. In the following 34 years, SMART has grown to be the most widely-used research tool for information retrieval, and Salton has become one of the acknowledged leaders (by some accounts the leader) in the field of information retrieval.

In April, information retrieval researchers from Europe and the United States gathered to honor Gerard Salton and the achievements of the SMART group over the past 30 years. The accomplishments were chronicled by other researchers in the field (Karen Sparck Jones, Keith van Rijsbergen, William Cooper, W. Bruce Croft, David Evans), some past collaborators (Michael McGill), a present collaborator (Christopher Buckley), many of his past (Edward Fox, Michael Lesk, Donna Harman) and present students, and his family.

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