Administrative and Technical Staff


Director of Administration: Patricia Musa

Department & Information Resource: Sue Houck

Assistant to the Chair: Pauline Cameron

Human Resources: Diana Catley

Fiscal Office:
Claudia Wojcinski, Fiscal Officer
Carol Ayer, Accounts Representative

Graduate Education Program:
Rebekah Personius, Executive Graduate Field Assistant

Undergraduate Education Program:
Daniel Jenkins, Assistant Director
Laurie Buck, Undergraduate Course Coordinator
Kathe Grant, Undergraduate Administrative Assistant

Faculty Administrative Assistants:
Jan Batzer, Profs. Kozen, Rubinfeld, Subramanian
Linda Competillo, Profs. Bloom, Gries, Schneider
Helene Croft, Profs. Coleman, Pingali, Vavavis
Linda Mardel, Profs. Donald, Hartmanis, Huttenlocher, Zabih
Rebekah Personius, Prof. Trefethen
Kate Ricks, Profs. Constable, Teitelbaum
Cindy Robinson, Profs. Cardie, M. Henzinger, Salton, Smith, Van Loan
Cindy Williams, Profs. Birman, T. Henzinger, Toueg, von Eicken

Colloquium & Seminars:
Sue Houck, Department Colloquium
Helene Croft, Advanced Computer Research Institute and Numerical Analysis Seminars
Jan Batzer, Theory Seminar
Jan Batzer, Departmental Library

Research Institutes:
Helene Croft, Administrative Assistant, Advanced Computing Research Institute
Lois Brown, Administrative Assistant, Design Research Institute


Director of Computer Facilities: Dean Krafft

Computer Facilities Staff:
Ian Alderman, Systems Programmer (beginning Fall 1995)
Harry Barshatzky, Systems Programmer
John Finley, Electrical Technician
Doug Flanagan, Systems Programmer
Anne Louise Gockel, Systems Programmer (left Spring 1995)
Orlando Johnson, Electrical Technician
Denise Moore, Computer Consultant
Larry Parmelee, Systems Programmer
Cay Wilson, Systems Administrator

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