Administrative and Technical Staff

Director of Administration: Pat Musa
Human Resources Manager: Lynn M. Shreve
HR Assistant: Karla Consroe
Alumni Relations: Dan Jenkins
Assistant to the Chair: Nora Balfour
Front Office Manager: Bonnie Maine

Finance Office
Finance Manager: Claudia Wojcinski
Accounts Representatives: Carol Ayer and Tammy Howe
Post Award Coordinator: Amy DeVaul
Pre-award Coordinator: Bonnie Hogan

Graduate Programs
Assistant Director of Graduate Programs: Becky Stewart
Master of Engineering Program Coordinator: Stephanie Meik

Undergraduate Education Program
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs: Daniel Jenkins
Course Administrator: Laurie Buck
Reception and Records: Nicole Roy/Anna Stalter/Kelly Patwell

Faculty Administrative Assistants
Rosemary Adessa
Kathy Carpenter
Andrea Cleveland
Helene Croft
Juanita Heyerman
Beth Howard
Esha Molette
Cindy Robinson

Department Colloquium: Andrea Cleveland
Theory Seminar: Esha Molette

Director of Computing Facilities: Dean Krafft
Systems Administrative Assistant: Cay Wilson

Technical Staff
Network Technician: Bruce Boda
Network Technician: John Finley
Lead Consultant: Jennifer Holleran
Consultant/Advisor: Eric Brinkman
Consultant/Advisor: Joshua Gerner
Consultant/Advisor: Joseph McGuire
Senior Programmer/Analyst: Doug Flanagan
Senior Programmer/Analyst: Larry Parmelee
Programmer/Analyst: Dora Abdullah
Programmer/Analyst: Orlando Johnson
Programmer/Analyst: Dean Eckstrom
Info Tech Area Manager: William Holmes
Multimedia Editor: Una Moneypenny