Funded Research


Investigator                    Sponsor                       Title                             Award             Period of Award

Arms                    NSF                     The NSDL Central System                  799,085              9/15/00 8/31/01

Arms                    Library of              Collecting and Preserving                      72,214               1/1/00 6/30/00                             Congress                Open-access Materials on the Web

Birman                 NASA / JPL          Ensemble and Spinglass:                    240,000               5/1/00 9/30/01                                                           Technologies for High Performance
                                                          Cluster Management and Communication

Birman/                DARPA / AFRL     Spinglass Adaptive Probabilistic        3,839,383               7/1/99 6/29/02 Constable                                            Tools for Advanced Networks

Cardie                  NSF / POWRE      Integrating Natural Language                 68,695            7/15/00 12/31/01                                                            Tools for Advanced Networks

Cardie                   ONR                     Rapidly Portable Translingual            1,294,464              5/18/00 5/17/03                                                            Information Extraction and
                                                           Interactive Multidocument

Coleman               DOE                    Efficient Algorithms for Large-           1,362,288                5/1/86 9/14/00                                                            scale Constrained Optimization
                                                           with Application to Inverse Problems

Constable             NSF                     Creating and Evaluating                      283,975               1/1/99 12/31/01                                                            Interactive Formal Course-
                                                           ware for Mathematics and Computing

Constable             NSF                     Enhancing Proof Assistant                   20,800               1/1/01 12/31/02                                                            Systems

Constable             DARPA / AF         An Open Logical Programming         2,271,068                6/2/98 9/30/02                                                            Environment: A Practical
                                                           Framework for Sharing Formal

Constable             ONR                     Building Interactive Digital               1,938,148                 5/1/01 4/30/04                                                          Libraries of Formal Algorithmic

Department           NSF A                 Next Generation Computing              1,331,298              8/15/97 7/31/02                                                            and Communications Substrate

Elber                    NSF                    Kinetics of Ion Channels by                  465,743               4/1/00 3/31/03                                                            Atomically Detailed Computer

Elber                    NIH                     Long Time Dynamics of                     1,214,013               4/1/00 3/31/05                                                            Biomolecules

Elber                    DARPA / ONR     Evolution of Protein Structures              240,000             5/18/00 5/17/03                                                            as a Tool to Predict Protein Shape
                                                           and Protein Function

Gehrke                 NSF                    JAGUAR: JAVA in Next Generation      370,000                9/1/98 8/31/01                                                            Database Systems

Gehrke /Bonnet               AFRL             Flexible Decision Support in           660,000               9/23/99 9/22/02                                                               Device-saturated Environments
                                                               - SenseIT

Gomes                           AFRL             Compute-intensive Methods for       351,094                 3/1/99 7/31/01
                                                              Combinatorial Problems

Gomes                           AFRL             Hybrid Approaches for                    304,835                3/1/99 2/28/02
                                                              Combinatorial Problems

Gomes                           AFRL             Intelligent Information                  3,100,000              12/1/00 11/30/03
                                                              Systems Institute

Halpern                          NSF               A Qualitative Framework                348,000                  9/1/96 8/31/01                                                               or Reasoning Under Uncertainty

Halpern                          NSF SG         ER: Decision-making in                   90,000                  9/1/00 2/28/02                                                               Complex Systems

Halpern                         ONR               Semantic Consistency in               366,642                 4/30/97 6/30/02                                                               Information Exchange

Halpern                         ONR               Resource Bounded Knowledge       200,000                  3/1/00 2/28/02                                                              and Security

Halpern                         ONR               Reasoning About Noninterference    87,086                 2/15/01 2/14/02

Halpern                         ONR               Software Quality and Infrastructure 526,058                   5/1/01 4/30/06
                                                            Protection for Diffuse Computing

Kleinberg                       NSF(CAREER)  Algorithmic Methods                   200,000                  4/1/97 3/31/02                                                               for Networks

Kleinberg                      ONR                Algorithms for Networks and          305,000                  5/1/99 4/30/02                                                               Link-structured Data

Kleinberg                      Packard           Algorithmic Methods for Networks  625,000             10/13/99 10/12/04

Kleinberg                      NSF ITR           The Construction and Analysis      450,000                   9/1/00 8/31/03 /Lee/ Cardie                                             of Information Networks

Kozen                          DARPA / NSF Formal Methods for Software          291,000                8/15/97 12/31/00                                                              Certification

Lagoze                         NSF               Security and Reliability in            2,425,899                 5/19/99 4/30/03                                                              Component-based
                                                             Digital Libraries

Lagoze                         Digital Library  Open Archives Initiative                    84,800                 1/1/01 12/31/01                                      Federation

Lagoze                         NSF               Metadata for Resource Discovery    240,000                 10/1/99 9/30/02                                                              of Multimedia Digital
                                                             Objects Harmony

Lagoze                         NSF               Integrating and Navigating               291,650                 10/1/99 9/30/02                                                              E-print Archives through

Lagoze / Arms              CNRI              Digital Library Testbed                    915,000                   9/1/98 8/31/01                                                              Program

Morrisett                      Sloan              Sloan Research Fellowship               35,000                9/16/98 9/15/02

Morrisett                      NSF                Design, Applications, and               205,000                  3/1/99 2/28/03                                                              Foundations of Safe Low
                                                             Level Program Languages

Morrisett                      AFOSR           Next Generation Systems            1,000,000                 4/15/01 4/14/06                                    / PECASE           Languages

Pingali                        NSF                MATLAB Extensions and Compiler   190,993                1/1/99 12/31/01                                                              Techniques for High Performance

Pingali                        NSF                Synthesis of Block-recursive            548,314                1/1/01 12/31/03                                                              Codes for Deep Memory

Schneider                   DARPA/AF      AFRL/Cornell Information               2,050,000                3/15/00 2/28/02                                                             Assurance Institute

Schneider                   AFOSR           CIPIAF for Information                      592,657                  6/1/01 5/31/03                                                            Assurance Institute

Schneider / Myers       DARPA/AF      Containment and Integrity             2,197,784                 6/16/99 6/15/02                                                            for Mobile Code

Schneider/ Morrisett    AFOSR            Language-based Security               844,408                 3/1/00 11/30/02                                                            for Extensible Systems

Schneider /                ONR                 Language-based Security            4,247,977                   7/1/01 6/30/06 Morrisett/ Kozen                                   for Malicious Mobile Code

Selman                     Sloan                Sloan Research Fellowship                5,000                  9/16/99 9/15/01

Selman                     NSF (CAREER) Compute Intensive                          300,000                   8/1/98 7/31/02                                                            Methods for AI

Selman /Gomes        AFRL                 Principled Analysis &                     750,000                   7/1/00 11/9/02                                                            Synthesis of Agent Systems
                                                           Using Tools from Statistical Physics

Selman /Gomes        DARPA/AF        Controlling Computational Cost:     1,621,041                4/27/00 8/26/03                                                            Structure, Phase Transitions
                                                           and Randomization

Selman /Lee             DOD/                 Expertise Location using                   30,000             10/15/00 10/14/01                                Expertology, Inc.    Automatically Generated
                                                           Network Models

Tardos                     NSF                   Algorithmic Issues in                       249,559                  7/1/97 6/30/01                                                            Communication Networks

Tardos                    DARPA/ONR       Efficient Algorithms for                     256,212                  9/8/00 9/30/02                                                            Transportation in Dynamic

Tardos                    DARPA/ONR       Efficient Resource Management        801,548                 4/1/98 9/30/01                                                            in High-speed Networks

Van Loan                NSF                    New Applications and Algorithms      247,874                 9/1/99 8/31/02                                                            that Involved the Kronecker Product

Yona                      Bio & Life            Global Self-organization of                   48,658                 7/1/01 6/30/02                               Sciences               the Protein Space: Towards a
                                                          Map of the Protein Space

Zabih                     NSF                    Dynamic Contextual Recognition        150,000               9/15/99 8/31/02                                                           of Moving Objects


Submitted Grant Proposals...........................................................................................................
Investigator                    Sponsor                       Title                             Award             Period of Award

Arms                   NSF                     Interoperability Services Building          493,635                9/1/01 8/31/04                                                            on the Open Archives Initiative

Arms                   NSF                    Collaborative Project: Core                 1,562,500              9/1/01 11/30/02 /Krafft/                                                 Integration of the National
Lagoze                                                SMETE Digital Library

Constable            NSF                    ITR/SY: New Capabilities                   2,956,089              10/1/01 9/30/06                                                           for Creating High-confidence
                                                          Embedded Software

Gehrke                NSF                    Interactive and Online                          235,000                 9/1/01 8/30/04                                                          Data Mining

Gehrke                NSF                    Scalable Decision Tree                        463,663                 9/1/01 8/31/04                                                          Construction

Gehrke                NSF                     ITR/SI: Intelligent Mining                  4,239,254                10/1/01 9/30/04 /Demers/Birman                                  and Monitoring: Responding to
                                                          the Data Tsunami

Halpern                AFOSR               Formulating and Reasoning                322,788                 1/1/02 12/31/04                                                          about Security Policies


Collaborative Research at Cornell

Investigator         Sponsor                       Title                                 Award                 Period of Award

Birman /               EPRI                  Minimizing Failures While                  625,000                1/1/99 12/31/03
Schneider/ECE                                   Maintaining Efficiency
                                                         of Complex Interactive
                                                         Networked Systems

Coleman/             NIH                    Parallel Processing Resource          9,583,781               4/15/92 11/30/01
Elber /CTC                                         for Biomedical Scientists

Coleman /CTC     SGI                    SGI/Cornell Computational              1,433,810                 3/23999 1/31/01
                                                       Finance Institute

Coleman /CTC     TG                      Information Financial Engineering      840,000                    9/1/00 8/31/03
                                                       Network and Tools

Coleman /CTC     NYS                   Supercomputer Center                   1,200,000                    5/1/00 4/30/01
                                                       Operational Support

Cardie /               NSF                   Computational Aspects                    562,500                    9/1/95 8/31/00
Zabih/                                              of Cognitive Science
Cog Studies                                     (Training Grant)

Elber/                 NSF                    Multiscale Hierarchical                    899,000                     9/1/00 8/31/03
Kleinberg/Chew                                 Analysis of Protein
Kedem                                             Structure and Dynamics

Halpern/ECE       NSF                    Predictive Sensor Assisted              862,465                    9/15/97 8/31/00
                                                        Wireless Multimedia Systems

Pingali /CTC       NSF                    CISE Research Infrastructure:        1,500,000                    10/1/99 9/30/04
                                                        A Two-tier Computation
                                                        and Visualization Facility
                                                        for Multiscale Problems

Pingali /             NSF                     ITR Adaptive Software for              5,000,000                      9/1/00 6/30/04
Vavasis/                                           Field-Driven Simulations

Pingali /             NSF                    Challenges in CISE: Crack            1,852,592                   1/15/98 12/31/01
Vavasis/CEE                                    Propagation on Tera Flop

Pingali /CTC       NSF                    Multiscale Modeling of                 1,500,000                      10/1/98 9/30/01
                                                       Defects in Solids

Selman/            DARPA                Self-configuring Wireless                 165,281                     4/18/00 4/17/03
Gomes/ECE                                    Transmission and
                                                      Decentralized Data Processing
                                                      for Generic Sensor Networks

Selman/           AFOSR MURI       Cooperative Control in                     266,600                        5/1/01 4/30/04
Gomes/MAE                                   Uncertain Adversarial

Total expenditures, fiscal year 2000 - 2001: 10,255,536


Research Interests of the Faculty and Researchers

  • William Arms: Digital libraries and electronic publishing.
  • Graeme Bailey: Mathematical modeling, applications to medicine and biology, geometry, and parametrization spaces and connectivity.
  • Kenneth P. Birman: Reliability and security in modern networked environments.
  • Martin Burtscher: High performance microprocessor architecture, instruction-level parallelism, and compiler optimizations.
  • Claire Cardie: Natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence.
  • Paul Chew: Computational geometry, computational biology.
  • Thomas F. Coleman: Numerical analysis, computational finance, scientific computing.
  • Robert L. Constable:Type theory, automated reasoning.
  • Alan Demers: Database systems, database replication, algorithms.
  • Ron Elber: Computational molecular biology, genomics.
  • Geri Gay: Cognitive and social issues for the design and use of interactive communicaion technologies.
  • Johannes Gehrke: Database systems, data mining, and mining and monitoring evolving data.
  • Carla Gomes: Artificial intelligence, operations research, and planning and scheduling.
  • Donald P. Greenberg: Realistic image synthesis, modeling, scientific visualization, computer-aided design, and image processing.
  • Zygmunt Haas: Wireless and mobile systems, including macrodiversity, interference-bounded dynamic channel allocation, mobile TCP/IP networks, location-independent access, personal communications services (PCS), and software for mobile systems.
  • Joseph Y. Halpern: Reasoning about knowledge and uncertainty in multi-agent systems, decision theory, logic, artificial intelligence, and security.
  • Juris Hartmanis: Computational complexity, complexity of chaotic systems.
  • Mark Heinrich: Design of active memory and I/O systems for next-generation servers and data-intensive computing.
  • Sheila S. Hemami: Communication of visual information, including multirate video coding and transmission, compression specific to packet networks and other lossy networks, and psychovisual considerations.
  • John E. Hopcroft: Robust geometric algorithms, modeling and simulation, and information capture and access.
  • Klara Kedem: Computational geometry.
  • Jon Kleinberg: Theory of computing, algorithms, computational biology.
  • Dexter Kozen: Theory of computational, proof-carrying code, computational complexity, analysis of algorithms, and program logics and semantics.
  • Dean Krafft: Digital libraries, information access.
  • Christoph Kreitz: Automated reasoning, program transformation, verification and synthesis.
  • Carl Lagoze: Digital libraries.
  • Lillian Lee: Natural language processing.
  • Yuying Li: Scientific computation, and numerical optimization.
  • Rajit Manohar: Design of efficient asynchronous computation structures in VSLI, and the use of formal methods to guarantee the correctness of such structures.
  • J. Gregory Morrisett: Programming languages, security, type systems, compilers.
  • Andrew Myers: Programming languages, compilers, distributed systems, runtime systems.
  • Anil Nerode: Automata theory, constructive concurrent dynamic logic.
  • Keshav Pingali: Programming languages, and parallel computing.
  • Robbert van Renesse: Distributed computing, fault-tolerance, real-time systems.
  • Mats Rooth: Scientific research in linguistics, particularly syntax, semantics and lexical semantics.
  • Fred B. Schneider: Concurrent and distributed systems, and computer and network security.
  • David Schwartz: Computational mechanics, applied mathematics, educational technology.
  • Bart Selman: Artificial intelligence, experimental computer science.
  • David B. Shmoys: Design and analysis of efficient algorithms, scheduling.
  • E. Gun Sirer: Design and implementation of distributed operating systems for modern networks with a main focus on ad hoc mobile networks.
  • Evan Speight: Software runtime systems for distributed computing platforms, commodity cluster-based shared memory systems, and affinity directed mobility.
  • Paul Stodghill: Program transformations, and program synthesis for computational science applications.
  • Eva Tardos: Design and analysis of algorithms, optimization, communication networks and combinatorics
  • Tim Teitelbaum: Programming languages, and systems and environments.
  • Charles Van Loan: Numerical linear and multilinear algebra.
  • Stephen A. Vavasis: Numerical analysis, and optimization.
  • Werner Vogels: Reliable distributed systems, with a focus on development of new network protocols and middleware, and novel strategies to structure applications and support systems.
  • Golan Yona: Computational molecular biology, with an emphasis on developing tools and methodologies for large-scale analysis of protein sequences and structures.
  • Ramin Zabih: Computer vision, multimedia, information technology