Scoring XSokoban

Scores are recorded in the score file if they are of high enough rank. A score is assigned a rank based on how many scores are better than it. A score has two attributes: moves and pushes. A move is any movement of the player; a push is a movement that pushes a ball. A score is better if its moves are lower, and its pushes are the same or lower; or if its pushes are lower, and its moves are the same or lower. Thus, some scores are not comparable, because their moves are better and their pushes are worse, or vice-versa. Identical scores are considered to have the same rank and are listed in chronological order.

This scoring scheme means that on some levels, xsokoban players can explore a complex space in which moves are traded off for pushes. On some levels (e.g. level 1), there is an optimal solution in which moves and pushes are simultaneously minimized; on others, such as level 17, pushes may be varied within a narrow range to decrease the number of moves. Each distinct count of pushes may require its own techniques in order to optimize moves.

If you want to get onto the global score list, a good initial strategy is to optimize your solution for minimal pushes. Keeping your pushes low will greatly improve the rank of your solution, and usually yields insights into the problem as well.

Send mail to the address below if you wish to have your scores deleted from the global score file, or to have your name changed on those scores.