Using the Review Normalizer with conference management systems


If you are using HotCRP to manage a conference and you have direct access to the database, you can extract all the data needed by the Review Normalizer with some simple queries. Assuming that your data is stored in a MySQL database named ⟨database⟩, the following Unix commands will extract the data:

echo 'Paper,Reviewer,Score'
echo 'select paperId, email, overAllMerit from ContactInfo, PaperReview \
    where overAllMerit <> 0 and ContactInfo.contactId=PaperReview.contactId' | \
    mysql --user ⟨user⟩ --password ⟨password⟩ ⟨database⟩ -B | \
    tr '\t' , | tail -n +2 >! reviews1.csv

To extract the label CSV file, use the following commands:

echo 'Paper,Label'
echo "select paperId, outcome from Paper | \
    mysql --user ⟨user⟩ --password ⟨password⟩ ⟨database⟩ -B | \
    tr '\t' , | \
    tail -n +2