Secure Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems Through Verifiable Information Flow Control
Jed Liu, Joe Corbett-Davies, Andrew Ferraiuolo, Alexander Ivanov, Mulong Luo, G. Edward Suh, Andrew C. Myers, and Mark Campbell

CCS 2018
October 2018, Toronto, Canada


Modern cyber-physical systems are complex networked computing systems that electronically control physical systems. Autonomous road vehicles are an important and increasingly ubiquitous instance. Unfortunately, their increasing complexity often leads to security vulnerabilities. Network connectivity exposes these vulnerable systems to remote software attacks that can result in real-world physical damage, including vehicle crashes and loss of control authority.

We introduce an integrated architecture to provide provable security and safety assurance for cyber-physical systems by ensuring that safety-critical operations and control cannot be unintentionally affected by potentially malicious parts of the system. Fine-grained information flow control is used to design both hardware and software, determining how low-integrity information can affect high-integrity control decisions. This security assurance is used to improve end-to-end security across the entire cyber-physical system. We demonstrate this integrated approach by developing a mobile robotic testbed modeling a self-driving system and testing it with a malicious attack.

The final paper is not yet ready for distribution. It will be made available from this page.