Adam Florence
Nearest Inverse Kronecker Product

The nearest inverse Kronecker product problem is: Given the m-by-mX mY matrix A, and the m-by-nX nY matrix B, find the mX-by-nX matrix X and the mY-by-nY matrix Y which minimize
|| B - A ( X kron Y ) ||2
Assume without loss of generality that || X ||F = 1.

If A is square and B is the identity, then the problem becomes finding the Kronecker product closest to the inverse of A.

We have developed several algorithms to solve this problem. They are explained in [1]. The Matlab code is:

There is no warranty of any kind on this code or its documentation. All code is copyrighted (c) 2000, 2001 by Adam Florence.

If you have any questions about the code, please e-mail me.

  1. FLORENCE, ADAM G. Computational Multilinear Algebra, Ph.D. dissertation, Cornell University, 2001.

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Last updated 13 August 2001.