KAT Software

System Requirements

ActiveTCL Distribution of TCL/Tk
Mac OS X
Either Tcl/Tk (can be installed via Fink) and X11
Or Tcl/Tk Aqua


KAT-ML for Windows, including necessary SML version
KAT-ML for Windows, without SML
KAT-ML for x86-based Linux
KAT-ML for Solaris
KAT-ML for Mac OS X
KAT-ML source code

Installation Instructions

For Windows, unzip the contents of the file downloaded into the desired install location. The Windows version comes with both the command line interface and the graphical user interface. To run the command line interface, double-click on kat.cmd in the Bin directory. To run the graphical user interface, double-click on kat-tk.cmd in the Bin directory. Note that you need only download the version of KAT-ML that includes SML for Windows once. After that, you can download the version without SML and simply install it in the same location as the current installation.

For a unix-based system, unzip and untar the file downloaded. In a terminal window from the directory, run the install.sh script with the command "sh install.sh". The script will make sure you have the necessary components, ask for a place to install the program, and ask whether you want the command line interface or the graphical user interface.


This software is highly experimental and is provided "as is".

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