Guidelines for Presenters of PRL Seminars


In order to have timely and accurate announcements for the Next PRL Seminar,
we ask that presenters confirm the fact that they intend to speak as soon as they know.

Please confirm by e-mail to

A title for the presentation and an abstract are also desired for the announcement,
but please do not let any indecision about these block your confirmation message.

Similarly, if you have a topic or title to announce, please
submit it even if you intend to submit an abstract later.

Any links to auxilliary material are appreciated.

Partial information is still desired, and multiple messages, including changes,
are welcome. Our policy is to immediately act on these messages
to maintain the currency of the announcement.


Ordinarily, the PRL seminar is held in Upson 109 at 12:20-1:10 on Fridays,
where a whiteboard, ethernet connection, and a projector for laptops are available.

If you need other resources, please advise.

updated: 2/20/06