Announcing Tcl-DP v4.0

We are proud to announce the release of Tcl-DP v4.0 to the world. Tcl-DP (pronounced "tickle dee-pee") is a freely distributable extension to Tcl/Tk. Tcl-DP adds TCP and IP connection management, remote procedure call (RPC), and distributed object support to Tcl/Tk.

This new version is a complete rewrite and closely parallels the recent changes in Tcl. With that in mind, we have abstracted all I/O into Channels and integrated Tcl-DP with Tcl better. In doing this, the Tcl-DP API has shrunk considerably from the 3.x days from about 20 commands to less than 10.


Please check the FTP site for bug fixes and updates. It is much easier on the DP team to put a bug fix on the FTP site rather than update a web page.

Tcl-DP Links

Download Tcl 4.0 [FTP] [HTTP]

The 1997 Tcl/Tk conference paper on Tcl-DP 4.0 [HTML] [Acrobat] [Word 97]

The Tcl-DP 4.0 html pages [HTML]

Get Tcl-DP 3.5b1 [Download Page]

The Tcl-DP 3.x tutorial [HTML] [Acrobat]

The Tcl-DP 3.4 man pages [HTML]

Tcl-DP paper presented at the First Tcl/TK Workshop [Acrobat]

Tcl-DP nameserver paper presented at the 1995 Tcl/TK Workshop [Acrobat]

Register as a Tcl-DP user

People Working on Tcl-DP


Brian Smith

Doctoral Students

Tibor Janosi

Undergraduate/M.Eng Students

Mike Perham

Online Demo

We will provide a Tcl-DP demo using the Tcl Netscape plugin in the coming weeks. Be patient.