Tour the CSRVL

Here is a sequence of images captured from a video walk-through of the CSRVL. Believe it or not, this is more or less how the lab looks on a daily basis. These are all 8-bit GIF files, about 68K each.

The CSRVL consists of two adjoining rooms on the 3rd floor of Upson Hall at Cornell University. The main lab is used by faculty and students involved in research in robotics and machine vision. Therein can be found all of the equipment needed to build, test, debug, and run experiments with our mobile robots, along with a number of workstations and personal computers used in machine vision processing as well for programming the mobots.

The teaching lab is used by undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in robotics and vision. These include CS463, an undergraduate course in vision and robotics, and CS664, a graduate seminar in machine vision. The teaching lab contains a dozen Sparc IPX and IPC machines for use by these students, as well as the Puma and Zebra robotic arms.

  • A view of the hallway outside the lab, 3rd floor Upson.
  • The door of the teaching lab.
  • The door of the main lab. We're big on safety!
  • A view of the main lab from the door.
  • The Puma industrial-strength robotic arm, in the teaching lab.
  • Lily, recharging in the teaching lab.
  • The row of Sparc IPXs in the teaching lab.
  • Tommy recharging in the teaching lab, next to molson, the quad-processor compute server.
  • The Sparc IPCs in the teaching lab.
  • Another view of the Puma arm.
  • A small machine room within the main lab. horus and kama are sitting here.
  • kama, in the machine room.
  • Rosemary, our newest mobot, with guts exposed in the main lab.
  • thokk, where I sit in the main lab.
  • The electronics bench, in the main lab, looking towards the teaching lab.
  • Looking towards the corner of the main lab from thokk.
  • Camel, along with some junk on the floor of the main lab.
  • A disclaimer attached to thokk.
  • Two guys who were unfortunate enough to be in the lab while I was filming.
  • Looking towards the electronics bench from the back of the main lab.

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