SimLab MADEFAST Home Page

SimLab MADEFAST Home Page

MADEFAST is an ARPA-sponsored project, administered with the assistance of NIST, to demonstrate technology developed under the MADE program: The goal is to show how the computational tools developed under MADE can be collaboratively used by MADE contractors at different sites to design and manufacture a significant artifact. The proposed artifact is described here, and images of the components are available here.

The SimLab component of MADEFAST is to use the simulation and analysis tools developed under MADE to aid in the design by providing analysis of the physical behavior of the proposed artifact.

A SimLab MADEFAST Scenario

This illustrates the use of simulation and analysis tools in the design, and describes some of the technical issues.

Other Analyses

This is an illustration of how SimLab is used to define and solve a heat transfer problem.

Participants in MADEFAST include: