Computer Science IBM SP-2

Using the CUCS SP-2

More information about:

Homegrown software

In general, local software is installed in /usr/u/sww. Be sure that /usr/u/sww/sp2/bin and /usr/u/sww/sp2/gnu/bin are in your path.

Other software

Software available on granita1 and granita2 also includes tcsh, bash, C Set ++ (xlC), Fortran (xlf), xpdbx, X11, matlab. GNU software installed in ~sww/sp2/gnu includes emacs, gmake, gcc, g++, gdb, bison. Some of it is replicated locally in /usr/local/gnu/bin.


If you experience difficulties with the SP-2, please contact the SP-2 czar Grzegorz Czajkowski.