Download PREDATOR Version 1.0 pre-release (V0.95) today.

PREDATOR is an object-relational DBMS developed at Cornell University. The goals of the Cornell PREDATOR project are two-fold:
  1. To build a next-generation object-relational database system
  2. To make the code-base widely available for research and educational purposes.

Project Overview

This section describes the PREDATOR project, its goals and current status.

Public Release

PREDATOR is distributed freely as a research and educational tool. Yes, source code is available too! This section helps you download, install, and run the system.

Interactive Tutorial

An interactive tutorial demonstrating the query features of PREDATOR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the PREDATOR project.

Publications and Documentation

Pointers to documentation and papers relating to the project.

Developer Information

Those who are studying or extending the codebase can find helpful information here. There is a system design document as well as other information.

Applications and Users

Links to some of the users of the system and applications built on top of PREDATOR.

Contact Information

This is who we are...


Our appreciation of support and software from various sources.

For Users within Cornell CS

Setup instructions if you are within the CUCS firewall.

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