Student Projects on JavaGroups

The following projects are currently in work:

Extension of RMI with group communication

Students: Zhongwei Li (, Yiwen Wang (, Xiangjiang Ma(

Extension of RMI from point-to-point to point-to-multipoint communication. Instead of sending a request to s single server, a client (transparently) sends a request to a server group. This adds failure tolerance and high-availability to RMI services.


Video Conferencing Application for JavaGroups (JavaGroupsVC)

Student: Hooi Ming Ng (

Status is available here.


Total Order Protocol

Student: Manish Sambhu


Video On Demand Application

Student: minglu@CS.Cornell.EDU


Encryption / Decryption Layer for JavaGroups

Students: Chung-A Choi (, Shen-ban Meng (


Multi-User Dungeon Game (MUD)

Students: David Er-el (

A full functioning demo of a multi user game in which each player sees the same board as all the other players. The players can move inside a maze picking up objects and evading monsters. The application demonstrates group communication patters over a layer called JavaGroups which was written by Bela Ban.