Getting Horus and Ensemble

Horus and Ensemble are both available by ftp. Ensemble is freely available. To get Ensemble, go here and follow the pointers to the distribution.

The Horus binaries and sources are securely encrypted, and you'll need to get the decryption key. If you are a research user (either an educational institution, or a research lab), you can fill out a non-disclosure agreement, and send it to

   Rosemary Odessa
   Department of Computer Science
   4105B Upson Hall
   Cornell University
   Ithaca, NY 14853
   Tel. (607) 255-9198
   FAX. (607) 255-4428

If approved, she will send you the for the binary distribution (the source distribution is available to educational institutions only by special request).

If you are not a research user (e.g., a commercial company or an individual user), then you will have to negotiate an agreement with Stratus, Inc., who owns the commercial license to Horus. This may involve some money (but not necessarily). Please send e-mail to Robert Cooper ( for information. Once you received the password, you can follow these instructions.