FTP-ing Horus

[Ensemble is available from here ]

Horus binaries and sources are both available by ftp, but are securely encrypted. Note that there are 3 separate passwords for Horus: one for binary distributions of Horus, one for the source distribution of Horus. Once you received a password for some distribution, you can pick it up. First do the following:

	mv horus horus.old		# if necessary
	mkdir horus
	ftp ftp.cs.cornell.edu		# login as anonymous
	cd pub/isis/horus
You'll find one or more distributions under the name distr.[date]. Enter the most recent one, e.g.,
	cd distr.Jun22.95
You'll find a collection of files under names that end in .tar.gz.crypt. This means they are tar archives, compressed with gzip, and encrypted with crypt. For Horus, if you have the source distribution key, you'll only need to pick up source.tar.gz.crypt. Otherwise you'll have to get horus.tar.gz.crypt, and a configuration of your choice (sun4, sun4+opt, solaris, or any other that is available). For example, to get the sun4 and sun4+opt distributions, do:
	get horus.tar.gz.crypt
	get sun4.tar.gz.crypt
	get sun4+opt.tar.gz.crypt
Now you need to decrypt, uncompress, and untar all this:
	crypt PASSWORD < horus.tar.gz.crypt | zcat | tar xvf -
	crypt PASSWORD < sun4.tar.gz.crypt | zcat | tar xvf -
	crypt PASSWORD < sun4+opt.tar.gz.crypt | zcat | tar xvf -
	more README			# read this first

If you don't have crypt, pick it up from, for example, nic.funet.fi, in the file /pub/unix/security/crypt/ftp.dsi.unimi.it/code/crypt1.c. If you need other configurations, let us know. In many cases we will be able to produce these. In other cases we just may give you the sources... Let us know if you have any trouble with any of this.