Ensemble is a developing system. In addition to providing new features, we are in the final stages of porting Horus technology to Ensemble. Soon we will support all the application interfaces previously provided by Horus and the switch to Ensemble will be complete. Here is our roadmap of the past year and of the months ahead (the shaded stages have been completed):

Stage 1: Initial release. Core functionality supported. (1/4/96)
Stage 2: Support for Tcl/Tk, ATM, flow control. (3/4/96)
Stage 3: On-the-fly protocol switching. AIX/SP2 supported. (4/8/96)
Stage 4: Dynamic linking of protocol layers. Support for applets under the MMM browser (5/2/96)
Stage 5: Basic authentication support. Initial port to Windows. Support for TCP. Preliminary C application interface. (6/5/96)
Stage 6: Ensemble is now freely available via FTP. Hand-optimized protocols have <50 usec latency. Remote process management demo. (8/5/96)
Stage 7: Enhanced C application interface (on Unix). Support for group-based multi-media applications. Support for Transis protocols. (1/8/96)
Stage 8: Maestro Toolkit provides an object-oriented interface to Ensemble.
Stage 9: Java interface. Scalable protocols (>100 member groups). (8/97)
Stage 10: Version 1.00 goes out. (2000)
Stage 11: Native C interface. (11/2001)

Ensemble support questions to Ohad Rodeh
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